Friday, 4 April 2014

Celebrities on Social Media

This post is about clever media promotions via celebs' social media accounts.

Ok so! anyone here who watches the show Mad Men? I absolutely love the show...though I admit I wasn't following it enough to know that its new season was getting aired on 13th April. But thanks to January Jones’s Instagram account , I am now sufficiently updated. (FYI, Jones is Betty Draper from Mad Men – one of the wives of Don Draper and my favorite character from the show).

I came across her Instagram on a random day through some random connection. So I checked out her account -  nice candid posts, no-makeup-sleepy selfies, and a good dose of her childhood pics, with the occasional Justin Bieber post [see below] - a media darling and has millions of followings on social media. Did she share this pic to gain followers? Hmn.

January Jones shares justin bieber's pic

Now, as her followers increased from a few hundreds to thousands (within weeks), she started musing about Mad Men by sharing pictures like this [below] albeit in small unsuspecting doses.

January Jones shares Mad Men's pic

Later, her feed somehow turned into a backstage access to the Mad Men's latest season premiere - not bad huh? ..but hey she still shares her childhood pics! So I'd like to believe it's 'still personal'  ;)

January Jones Instagram - Mad Men

So yes, these posts actually made me think fondly of my after-work Mad Men nights, with Don Draper.. and Betty Draper – the very cold and charming female equivalent of the protagonist. I just adore her. ..and now that am under the spell, I can’t wait to watch the show and am definitely spreading the word!
I am Not saying that she started her Instagram account to promote Mad Men [..since the final season was premiering and that she wanted to keep viewers interested throughout the season as the show runs on TV]. Or did she? Do I care about the truth? Not at all except for the fact that Mad Men's new season is coming out this month!
So the learning here: Social media handled well can be your biggest (inexpensive) media tool. 
Here is another recent example of a clever social media stunt (?) by a movie team. The very good looking James Franco flirts with a teen on Instagram and later sends her texts asking to meet! The ‘excited' teen obviously shares her chat screenshots and takes US gossip sites (with millions of viewers) by storm. 
UPDATE: Apparently, this guy was really going for it - he later admitted to bad judgement for the move. No stunt for Mr. Franco I suppose :-) Or was it really not? 


Well, what does this look like - celebrity caught in a scandal or a very clever promotional stunt? FYI, for his upcoming movie ‘Palo Alto’, he plays a coach who seduces a teen.
[watch trailer below]

What are your thoughts?

Also, do we have bad examples of celebs completely messing with their social media promotions?
Well, I have seen those who don't have an Instagram account to start with, and then those celebs who use twitter ONLY as a press release channel- "Coming Soon”, “Stay Tuned for updates on my new movie!” and other monologues like that. Can you imagine inviting a robot like that to your party? Exactly!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014


It's been a while since I've posted last...but lately my mind has been overloaded - it was almost impossible for me to clear space for some inspiration. So for such times, I want to keep a series on this blog called 'BEAUTIFUL' where I'll be posting pictures of random things with the hope that their beauty can be an inspiration for dull moments. . 

Let me start today with BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and here I'd like to feature my younger sister - she has been my model for all my craft practice sessions - makeup, hair and styling LOL. 

[update]: She just started her owb blog - check it out

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Are you about FASHION or STYLE?

Guest blog by Narola.C.Jamir, Fashion Stylist and Consultant | New Delhi

Fashion & Style – One word. Very trendy and very common. But what do you make of each when they separate and become individuals? What is it that really defines a person in terms of Fashion AND Style? 

Fashionable or Stylish?
Fashionable or Stylish?
If you look around, you’d probably notice that these days, most people are amply clad from head to toe either in their glad rags or in their rugged old pair of jeans.

In this mix crowd, there are the devotees - the ones who religiously follow fashion : All dressed up according to the dictates of the trend report – that dress, that pair of shoe, the right accessories. . . name it and they own it. Every purchase is a steal (as they would call it), acquired either from the high-ends or the thrift shops and the flea markets. They are most updated about the latest scoops from the runways to street wear. 
They can go on about the who‘s who, the what is, and why wear! Fashion magazines are their Bible and fashion moguls are their God. No doubt they are rightly in fashion, but then again, they are all dressed and look the same - even walk and talk the same! A big bunch of this crowd tend to become fashion victims.
The fashion victim
Too much fashion killing you?
Quoted from Wiki, "Fashion victims, by their characteristic inability to recognize boundaries, may aspire to the extreme end of what is available, seeking expensive products (or copies of these products), believing that the outward display of such items will create admiration in proportion to their actual or apparent cost. Because of this, the term 'fashion victim' became the ultimate insult to the aspirational."
fashion victim
Do I look trendy enough?

In continuation to my observation,the other crowd consists of those who loves dressing up but are not 'necessarily fashionable.' They don’t do fashion nor follow it. They have this flamboyant uniqueness about them, which is distinctively expressed by the way they dress and That - happens to be their only dress code.
They dress creatively and not accordingly. They are effortlessly chic either eccentric or ordinary. They dress for their own comforts in their own style which makes them unique.
The thing about fashion is that it keeps on changing from season to season and I  think Fashion is quite moody. Because today, you are fashionably ‘In’ and tomorrow you are not-so-fashionably ‘Out’! On the other hand, Style is timeless and personal.

I admit I like the Stylish lot far more than the Fashionable lot. Some style Icons I admire are Iris Apfel, Madonna and Gwen Stefani. They have the power to inspire with their unique styles.

Iris Apfel
The Stylish Iris Apfel
Gwen Stefani
Rocker Chic: Gwen Stefani

Growing up in the '90s, I was always fascinated by Madonna- her music and style evolution. Everytime a new music video comes out on MTV, she never ceases to surprise and amaze me! She is never boring and has always brought life to Fashion with her Style.

Madonna - The Queen of Style

             'Fashions fade, Style is eternal.' - Yves Saint Laurent

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to personal shopping to designing bespoke costumes just about anything.

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