Sunday, 13 August 2017

Hey Girl - Where Do You Shop Online?

I cannot believe I am revisiting this blog after a long long time. This is the first blog that got me started - way back in 2012. Now with four blogs and still counting, I am still as excited - and a little teary eyed (going through my old posts) :')

So yes, why am I suddenly here? Well I just got re-introduced to online shopping through LabelLife - and wanted to share my experience. (To give a background, I started this blog to review online fashion stores in India). I am super happy with a denim skirt I purchased from the site, and now I can't stop browsing LL - and exploring some more!

Check out the skirt here

Denim Skirt from LabelLife

Another site I discovered today: 'Hey Girl'. The shop looks too good to be true. Hence the reason why I'm not even thinking of buying anything from the site - as yet. But have to admit, their collection is pretty cool.

  • The dresses start at Rs.6,000 and up
  • Great cuts and unique designs - all international brands
Here is a preview of what the site has to offer  (Click images for direct product link)

Dresses- Hey Girl

Off-Shoulder Black Dress  ₹6,500 (click image for product link)

Nude lace Dress ₹10,50(click image for product link)

Mint Bardot Midi Dress ₹7,05(click image for product link)

White Tie Asymmetric Midi Skirt ₹6,050 (click image for product link)

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