Saturday, 7 December 2013

Why I love Kate Middleton and Zara.

Kate and ZARA dress
Kate Middleton wearing a ZARA dress
As Individuals. . 

ZARA and Kate - both in total comfort with themselves that whatever they do, they just make perfect sense. 

Zara may have been slammed for replicating catwalk designs and selling them at a much lower price but what it ultimately strives for, is to be fashionably relevant , which they undoubtedly achieve. They do it by taking it beyond the runway - to the streets, where it actually matters. And then we have Kate - another fashion powerhouse who has huge mass appeal despite the fact that she is a royal. She can pick up any dress from high street to high fashion, and next thing we know - we have a top seller and already sold out.

As a Team. .

So when these two giant trendsetters come together, expect nothing less than 'mass appreciation'. Don't get me wrong. Kate would never do a paid advert for ZARA. I'm in fact referring to those times, when Kate would pick up a ZARA something, and give it the treatment it deserves - the royal kind. One such occasion was last night , when Kate wore a £19.99 (~ Rs. 2000) ZARA necklace to the UK premier of Mandela: Long walk to Freedom. She looked dazzling. Who cares about the fake crystals! I'm sure the necklace is out of stock by now. 

Check out her look. What do you guys think?

Kate wearing ZARA necklace
 Kate wearing ZARA necklace

Kate wearing ZARA necklace
Kate and her ZARA necklace - Dec 2013

I did go online <>  to check..but no luck. No surprises there! Nevertheless, I found some really gorgeous accessories. Here is a look at what you can get at ZARA - India.

Zara necklace
Also spotted:

British food writer Mary Berry 78, wore the same necklace on the Graham Norton Show. 
The necklace is sold out..unsurprisingly.
Mary Berry and Kate with same Zara necklace

After several weeks - look what i spotted in a Zara store in Mumbai! :)

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