Friday, 7 September 2012

A peek into my Jewelry Collection

I love accessorizing with jewelry - don't we all? I have been collecting them as long as I can remember. Though sad part is, I have given away most of them (some I now realize were priceless items.Absolute pain!) But I'm glad I made room for more :)

So which ones are my favs? Chunky, big and elaborate, handmade, traditional ones especially ethnic jewelry- they can really spice up your wardrobe without working it all up. I especially love the Jhumkas in all sizes. If you are wondering how they look like, check out the pic below:


My jewelry collection

So yes - my collection has a lot of silver items because I feel I look better in silver than in gold. This may mean I have a cool skin tone. In case you haven't heard, there are mainly 2 types of skin tones:
  • Warm tone : More suited for Gold and Orange colors
  • Cool tone: More suited for Silver and Blue colors
Here is an interesting read for you to find out which one are you:  Warm or Cold ?

Why is it useful?

Because then, you will know precisely which shade of red lipstick is the right one for you. I swear we've all experienced this: You try on a bold red lipstick but sworn off immediately saying red is not for you. Most likely you've tried the wrong shade of red.

But thanks to my fav makeup guru MichellePhan, we can all rock a red lipstick. It's all about fnding the right shade/tone - and here she shows how >> here Hope you guys had a fun learning time :)

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