Saturday, 28 July 2012

I love giving Makeovers!

This being my first entry, let me explain why I finally decided to start a blog. One of the main reason would be the fact that I finally got the time to sit down, relax and enjoy the things around me. It's been almost 10 years since I'm home for such a long break! So lets get started..

Let's begin with something I truly love - Makeup! I just realized just how much I loved makeup and giving makeovers! Check out some of my works :)
I love that awkward smile 
And here is a pic of a makeover I did for someone, who had never used makeup in her Life!
Before and After
I especially loved what I did to her hair with the big curls and waves (and to know she actually wanted to straighten her wavy hair! which would've been a nightmare given her limp texture). Another game changer was the lipstick. 

#Rule: Never wear brown lipstick with shimmer! makes you look old but definitely not wiser 

Verdict:The beginning of a much happier life, younger looking and with great hair. Of course, I made her a list of the most basic things every woman should own like..matte lipstick,good quality liquid foundation,a good volumising shampoo + conditioner and a hair blower.She gave me the good news that she bought them all and that she's feeling much younger:)

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