Monday, 30 July 2012

Fashion Show at IIM Lucknow

Here's a post from a fashion show I put together couple of years back.

All in a Week’s time!

Take a look at what we managed to come up with, in the shortest time amidst the crazy schedule packed with classes, assignments/projects and deadlines for endless market research proposals for another big marketing event . FYI, despite the craziness and those sleepless nights, we managed to win a proposal in that same week. All worth it!

Fashion show at IIM Lucknow
I made those two dresses on the left :)
Fashion show at IIM Lucknow
Clothes sponsored by Levis (Left) and by FabIndia (Right)

Déjà vu or Déjà -too

I’d say it was one of the best experiences ever! It was special because during my undergrad days in Ahmedabad , we hardly used to miss the fashion parade nights at IIM Ahmedabad Chaos. It had almost become a yearly ritual. Other events hardly mattered to us - heck not even IIM Ahmedabad! We only cared about the fashion parade .. rush back from college - all excited, bunk if we had to!

One thing though - EVERY SINGLE TIME, we would comment on how the organizing college had the plainest of clothes, as compared to their heavyweight counterparts from NID, NIFT and the likes. Well, little did I know that putting up a fashion parade on stage was just one of the million things that you do inside an IIM campus - in a week! 
After going through the same experience myself, I now feel that walking that ramp with just a few hours of preparation, and competing with those who breathe fashion 24/7, is indeed commendable! and of course so much fun! Also, as a closing note, I still think we did a better job than IIM A :-)
Bye from the team!
Fashion show at IIM Lucknow

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